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Dear guests

Welcome to our site. Its purpose is to provide the citizens of the Republic of Slovakia with ingenuous information about Georgia and facilitate links with our country including commercial, cultural, etc.

Affable and partnership relationship between our countries is, above all based on common values and struggle that the peoples of Georgia, and Slovakia carried on against autocratic system - for freedom and democracy.

Hence, Georgians and Slovaks had to solve mostly similar problems. From this standpoint, international cooperation is high on the agenda for our countries, especially under the circumstances of the European democratic area expansion and increase of applicants to join Euro-Atlantic organizations.

Definitely, the opportunities for multilateral cooperation increase in all spheres respectively.

Located in Central Europe, Slovakia solved successfully their grave problems that opened doors of the EU and Nato.

With its territory, population, history and culture Georgia resembles a lot to Slovakia. Our country, Georgia is situated in East Europe. This region is drawing more attention of the EU and Nato that guarantees Georgia that in case its democratic reforms are as successful as that of other East European states we will have an opportunity to promote intense cooperation with the European Union.

We hope that the Embassy site will be a useful guide to the citizens of our friendly countries.

For detailed information about Georgia, please visit this site. Otherwise, contact us on the "hotline".